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Get answers to common questions about Dirigo Disc Golf in our FAQ

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Take a look at our FAQ about Dirigo Disc Golf and our disc golf towels:

  • Why use magnetic towels for disc golf?
    • If you play in the rain, mud, or snow, you’re aware of how often you end up needing a towel throughout a round. When carrying loose towels in your pocket or bag, you end up having to dig through your bag’s pockets or carry a wet towel in your own pocket. If your towel is tethered with a cloth loop, you’re forced to be right next to your bag and can’t stand up straight while using it. Our magnetic towels hang off your bag to free up space in your pockets for other things, and you can just pull it off when they’re needed and reattach them when they’re not.
  • Are your magnetic towels machine washable?
    • Yes, because our magnets are removable, our disc golf towels can be machine washed. Simply undo the Velcro, remove the magnet, redo the Velcro, and toss the towel in the washing machine. Washing can be done with either cold or warm water, but we do recommend drying at a lower temperature and not using fabric softener.
  • Are the magnets dangerous?
    • For adults they do not pose any serious risks other than potentially pinching some skin if it gets in between the magnets. We highly recommend keeping them away from children, however. They are very strong magnets (the anchor magnet is rated for 100lbs of pull strength) and can snap together with a lot of force. You also do not want them near any credit cards or debit cards with a magnetic strip. They are perfectly safe near cell phones or devices with SSD memory, though! Do not use the magnets if they chip or break.
    • See the image below
    • Check out this video to see our anchor magnet holding up a hammer!
  • Why is my towel facing the wrong way?
    • We do our best to have the magnets oriented the right way when they’re shipped, but sometimes the anchor magnet they’re paired with have the polarity switched. Open up the Velcro, flip the magnet over, and close the Velcro. The folded part of the towel should be facing inside toward your bag when oriented correctly.
  • Do you have any other colors or designs?
    • Most of our current designs and colors are from Circle 1 Disc, (check them out and use affiliate code 98500 to help us out!) but we are currently in the process of getting new and different options with Dirigo branding and patterns.
    • Contact us if you have something you’d like to see
  • Can I buy anything else other than a magnetic towel?
    • Currently we sell our magnetic towels, apparel, and discs, but we will soon have disc golf racks available, and are in the process of designing a few new products – stay tuned and follow our socials and news page for sneak peeks!
  • Can you turn a towel I already have into a magnetic towel?
    • Of course! Contact us to arrange shipping it to us and we can convert any disc golf towel into one of our magnetic towels
  • Do you sell replacement magnets?
    • Yes! We understand that the neodymium magnets can be brittle (due to the way they are made) and can chip or break if they connect with too much force. We sell 2 packs of the disc magnets that go in the towels as well as the anchor magnets – check out magnets in the shop
  • Are there any shipping restrictions?
    • There are restrictions to shipping such powerful magnets via airplanes (they have the potential to throw compasses out of alignment, which is very against our goals), so all of our towels are shipped via surface mail. We can still get them to anywhere inside the US, but it may take a little longer to receive them than you may be accustomed to with other packages. We do our best to ship your order the same or next business day to help you get them as soon as possible! We are located in Maine, so some areas of the country may experience longer waits than others.
  • Does your product come with a warranty?
    • We warranty our craftsmanship, and will repair or replace any faulty stitching – contact us to arrange shipping the towel to us!
  • Do you sell your product at wholesale?
    • We are still in the start up phase, but we would love to get our product into your retail space
  • Do you accept refunds?

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, send us a message and we’ll get back to you!

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