Informed Delivery

Disc Buying Tip: Use USPS’ Free Informed Delivery Tool

Informed Delivery

Use USPS’ Free Informed Delivery Tool to Keep Track of Your Online Purchases

If you’re like us, you buy a good amount of discs and other items from several different places before any of them get delivered. Sometimes, keeping track of when everything should be arriving. We found that using USPS’ free Informed Delivery tool helps us to keep track of which packages are coming, and when.

All that’s required is a quick and free sign up process. Once your account is set up, it will automatically show all packages (and regular mail) that are scheduled to be delivered to your address by USPS.

You can even go in to a specific package and give it a nickname to keep even better track of which package is which. You’ll be able to tell which item will be delivered when! No more needing to go through your email or Facebook Messenger to find and monitor tracking numbers.

It’s not as useful for disc purchases, but with Informed Delivery you can even see images of the mail that you’ll be receiving, and notify the post office if it was not delivered.

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Test out Informed Delivery after taking a look at the shop

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