Ursa Minor – Gray Magnetic Towel – 16″x16″


Gray Magnetic Towel from Dirigo Disc Golf

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Ursa Minor – Gray Magnetic Towel – 16″x16″


Dirigo Disc Golf’s Ursa Minor is a magnetic disc golf towel with an anchor magnet that can easily be attached to any disc golf bag.

  • Act like normal towels, but have a magnetic quick release and reattachment system – no need to squat down to wipe a wet or dirty disc
  • Works with any disc golf bag!
  • High quality and absorbent waffle weave microfiber material absorbs 8x its weight in water and dries 2x as fast as a regular towel
  • Removable magnet – Machine washable!
  • Easy, quick, and fun to reattach to your bag – try tossing it at the anchor magnet!
  • Use your towel when you need to without having to dig through your bag
  • Less towels left behind on the course
  • Great gifts, tournament prizes, or player pack additions
  • Less expensive than versions designed for ball golf that don’t come with a way to attach to your bag

Check out Dirigo Disc Golf or our FAQ and About page for more information!Ursa Minor - Gray Magnetic Disc Golf Towel Hanging


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