About Dirigo Disc Golf – Founded 2022

What is Dirigo Disc Golf all about?


Learn a little more about us:

Dirigo (pronounced ‘deer-ə-go’) is Maine’s motto and means “I lead” in Latin, referring to the North Star that is found on our state flag. Our products follow along with this theme. The Polaris towel refers to the name of the North Star, and our Ursa Minor towel refers to the name of the constellation (Little Dipper) that contains the North Star.

Maine State Flag
Who we are:

Dirigo Disc Golf started in early 2022 and is a small Maine-based family operation that enjoys playing this great sport in one of the most beautiful and best states to play it. We decided to make magnetic towels and disc racks as a result of our search for the best products disc golf has to offer.

We have a young son who we can’t wait to share this great sport with!

What we do:

We sew all of our towels ourselves by hand in our workshop, and all of our disc racks are made in collaboration with Bob’s Sawdust Shop. We plan to stay small-scale and continue making our products by hand in smaller quantities so that we can focus on delivering high quality and unique products to our customers.

What we believe:

We think that disc golf is an excellent sport that is even more fun when you have great equipment. We are passionate about providing great products, customer service, and helping grow the sport of disc golf. Our goal is to pioneer the way for magnetic towels in disc golf by offering high quality, hand-made products to all disc golfers at great prices.

Still have more questions?

Take a look at our FAQ page to see answers to commonly asked questions about us and our products.

Looking for a great place to play?

Take a look at our course directory for a list of courses in Maine and read our reviews of the courses we’ve played (Coming soon)

Thank you for interest about Dirigo Disc Golf – we hope you’ll give our products a shot!

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