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Dirigo Disc Golf makes high quality, hand-crafted magnetic towels

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Why choose a magnetic towel from Dirigo Disc Golf?

Magnetic Towel Highlights:
  • Dirigo Disc Golf’s magnetic towels act like normal disc golf towels, but have a magnetic quick release and reattachment system
  • Works with any disc golf bag or cart
  • High quality and absorbent waffle weave microfiber material absorbs 8x its weight in water and dries 2x as fast as a regular cotton towel
  • Removable Magnet – Towel is machine washable
  • Easy, fast, and fun to reattach to your bag – try tossing it at the anchor magnet
  • Use your towel when you want without needing to carry it in your hand or pocket
  • Great gifts, tournament prizes, or player pack additions
  • Less expensive than versions designed for ball golf that don’t come with a way to attach to your bag

Take a look at this very quick demonstration of our towel being removed and reattached to the anchor magnet:

Each magnetic towel comes with two magnets: one in the towel, and an anchor magnet to attach to your bag or cart. The anchor magnet comes with an included carabiner. The anchor magnet and carabiner are on a swivel that allows 360° rotation.

Anchor Magnet Dirigo Disc Golf

The Polaris (20″x20″), Ursa Minor (16″x16″), Ursa Major (16″x24″), and Orion (12″x12″) magnetic towels work with any disc golf bag. Whether you have a backpack, shoulder bag, or cart, as long as you have a spot to clip a carabiner, you’re all set!

What Makes Our Disc Golf Towels Different From the Rest?

The rare-earth neodymium magnet is securely held in the towel by folding over the corner and closing the Velcro fasteners. If you need to wash it, simply remove the magnet, close the Velcro, and throw the towel right in the washing machine – no hand washing needed.

Magnetic Towel Velcro

Once washed, just place the magnet back in the corner of the Velcro, close it up, and get out to the course

Take a look at our about page and FAQ to learn more

Coming soon:

We will soon have wooden disc golf racks, collector discs, production discs, towel bundles, and new disc golf towel patterns in the shop

Disc Golf Rack with Top Shelf

Keep an eye out for new ways to attach your disc golf towel – we will soon offer a belt clip magnet that will allow you to attach your towel to your belt or waistband so that it’s ready at a moment’s notice – even if your bag isn’t nearby!

Belt Clip

Want your picture to be featured on the website? Send us a picture of you using your magnetic disc golf towel and we can add it!

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